Sleeping Bags




The Pamir

The Pamir(Reg) - $470.00 
The Pamir(Long) - $489.00
Right or left zip
available upon request

The Pamir is a full-on winter bag that features a contoured hood, adjustable collar, and double draft tubes. Cut wide for a comfortable, roomy fit and generously filled with premium 650+ white goose down!

The Pamir
Temp Range -18 to -26° C  (0 to -15°F)
Length 190cm  (6,3") 
Weight 1.78 kg.  (3.9lb.)
Stuff Size 8" x 16"
Fill Weight 1100g  (39 oz.) 
Colors  Eggplant / Purple w / accent trim

The Taiga

The Taiga(Reg) - $350.00
The Taiga(Long) - $365.00
Right or left zip
available upon request

The Taiga is a 3-season bag well-suited for backpacking, backcountry skiing, and alpine use. Utilizes many of the features of the Pamir, but with a single draft tube. At just 2.7 pounds, the Taiga is incredibly light and perfect for those who want to reduce weight without sacrificing comfort.

The Taiga
Temp Range   -7 to -18° C (20 to 0° F)
Length   190cm  (6’3") 
Weight   1.25kg. (2.7lb.) 
Stuff Size   8" x 11"
Fill Weight   700g  (25 oz.) 
Colors   Green w/ accent trim

The Summit-Bag

The Summit-Bag(Reg) - $240.00
The Summit-Bag(Long) - $250.00

For desert jaunts, quick summit bids, or as an emergency backup, the Summit-Bag has a multitude of uses: alpine-style summit assaults, or as a liner to boost your primary bag's comfort range. Half zipper, ultra-light, incredibly stuffable, and versatile!

Temp Range   to 0° C (32°F)
Length   190cm  (6’3") 
Weight   .65 kg/ 1.4lb 
Stuff Size   6" x 7"
Fill Weight   300g (11 oz.)
Colors   Eggplant w/ accent trim