Basic 10.05 Ascender
  • Precision machined, titanium construction
  • Lightweight and incredibly strong!
  • This device does not slip on ice and mud covered ropes.
  • When unweighted, it moves easily up and down the rope.
  • Fully functional on traverses, solo top-roping, crevasse rescue, and z-rigging.
  • This device performs on UIAA standard ropes from 8mm to 12 mm.
  • It satisfies European Standard EN567 by withstanding loads of 400 kg applied five times, with ropes which meet requirements of pr EN 892 without sustained damage or deformation which would adversely affect their function; "rope-friendly"!
Material: Titanium
Weight: 124 grams
Case Strength: 3000 kg
Rope-Holding Strength: +400 kg
Rope Diameters: 8-12 mm
Dimensions: 8cm x 6cm x 2cm

UIAA and CE Certified

Self Belay
Progression on the structure alone without using the rope, As with any solo device, back-up knots are recommended. Not for solo-leading!